Friday, December 30, 2005

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Mirror, Mirror

Lindsay- "Mirror mirror on my wall, who is that incredibly cute baby girl looking at me?"

Mirror- "Why it's you Lindsay."

Lindsay- "??? is that possible? I'm sitting right here."

Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Adventures of Lindsay the Lumberjack

Lindsay's adventures began at 2:00 am. The evil sleep monster came to put Lindsay to sleep. They fought and fought. Onlookers said the battle seemed to last an eternity. Alas, Lindsay succumbed to the sleep monster's drowsy powers. At 6am Lindsay awoke from the sleep monster's spell and vowed not to let him defeat her least for a couple more hours.
Lindsay was famished. Not any food would cure the hunger though. Not peas, not carrots, nor rice cereal, nor oatmeal. No, not even bananas. Nothing, it seemed, was good enough. Finally Lindsay found what she was wanting... Sweet, sweet mama's milk.
Full from her breakfast, Lindsay began to drift to sleep. Suddenly, she jolted awake, remembering she had a previous engagement -- wood chopping at Aunt Carol's. Lindsay and dad began packing - toys, diapers, more toys. They were ready to go. But where was mom? Still in the shower. The minutes ticked by. Lindsay and dad packed the car and loaded Dublyn. Still no mom... she was packing a second diaper bag. Then her own bag. Then writing a thank you note! And sipping coffee! Dad and Lindsay waited and waited, and finally, mom came rushing to the car.
When they arrived at Carol's house in the middle of the woods, Lindsay cheered! "It's wood chopping day!!!!" Lindsay immediately went to work. First, she operated the log splitter with Dad. Using brute strength, she lifted the heavy logs on to the splitter. Everyone agreed that had it not been for Lindsay, the job could not have been accomplished.
Next, Lindsay helped Mom stack all of the split logs into nice neat piles by the house. Mostly Mom sat and chatted with Jayne while Lindsay did all the work.
Once all the wood was chopped, stacked into neat piles, and covered with a tarp, Lindsay prepared lunch for everyone. Chili and cheesecake!!! Aunt Sara showed up just in time to eat!
Soon after the meal, it was time to return home. Aunt Carol thanked Lindsay for all her hard work. Lindsay hugged the chocolates, and Brisco kissed her "good bye." Dublyn, Dad, and Lindsay loaded the car, while mom finished her last piece of cheesecake. Then they were off!
When they got home Lindsay celebrated her big day with a mama's milk cocktail. She overindulged, spit up all over dad, pooped her pants, then called it a night.

Friday, November 04, 2005


Lindsay is bonkers for hats. As our very nice Texan neighbor once said, "The reason to have kids is so you can dress them in funny hats."
Lindsay is often seen galavanting around town (with her cohort Sae Hana) wearing the most outrageous hats. She has fishy fleecy hats (double pom-poms), flowery denim hats, pink knotty hats, and festive floppy hats. Sae does not want the dreaded hat head, so she goes sans hat.
Lindsay has expressed great interest in a Cubs hat, but to date her dad has not come through on that request.

Two Teeth

Lindsay officially has 2 teeth!!!