Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Night Crawler

Lindsay's Mommy and Daddy waited for her to be able to crawl. Everyday they all played on the floor and practiced. And everyday, no crawling. But Lindsay had a secret. She would crawl at night when nobody was watching. At bedtime, she would go to sleep with Mommy and Daddy in the family bed, As soon as everyone else was asleep, she would crawl all over. She would crawl to the kitchen to see her dog ,Jones. She would crawl to the living room to see her cat ,Vinny. On more adventurous nights, Lindsay would crawl to a farm to visit the cows that say, "Moo!!" Sometimes she would crawl to the forest and visit the bears and bunnies. Sometimes she would crawl as far as Africa and visit the with the lions, elephants and giraffes. One night she crawled to the jungle. She found a big group of monkeys. The monkeys were sad because they wanted to dance but they had no music. Lindsay got out her drum and began to play. The monkeys laughed and danced and everyone was happy.
Finally. one day Mommy and Daddy and Lindsay were playing on the floor and Lindsay crawled. Mommy and Daddy were so excited they called everyone they knew and yelled, "Lindsay just crawled for the first time!!" Mommy and Daddy didn't even notice the grin on Lindsay's face.

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Anonymous said...

Other than knowing you are Dee's brother and talking to you in HS, I don't know you. may already be this, but have you considered being a children's author? I am a teacher and that's a story 5 & 6 year olds would like. Good job, dad.