Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Note from Vinny (Lindsay's Cat)

I wish to report a theft of a grand scale. Below you see a picture of me with my tree and some of my most prized possessions...my colorful, shiny boxes. The picture is proof that they were there, but they are missing. Being a cat, I don't have many possessions; just 3 people, 2 dogs, a house, a chair, a couch, that cat next door...not much at all. So when something of mine is STOLEN, I get quite irritable. I awoke this morning to find that all of my colorful shiny boxes were gone. First I blamed the dogs, but quickly realized they do not have the brains to , first of all, understand that they are nothing and never will be, and secondly, pull off such a caper. A mind greater than mine (I know it's crazy to think about) developed some sort of colorful, shiny box disappearing thingy and whammo!!, my boxes are gone. Now, being a humble creature has taught me not to get excited and upset when surprises arise, so I let it go. I mean I still have my tree, right? NO!!! This afternoon I awoke from my 7th nap to discover that this too has vanished!! Diabolical!!! Where, I ask, am I suppose to pee and eat tinsel?! I've decided the child is to blame. She is constantly after me, and harrassing me. Somehow she has discovered my weakness for fluffy feathery things on the ends of sticks. If she can discover this, then I believe she can develop a device that can make my property vanish. I will be watching her closely from now on.

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