Monday, October 06, 2008

AML RockStar

We've been having a lot of fun with this new laptop, given by The Animal Hospital of Statesville. Lindsay loves the built-in camera!!! We've been getting kinda goofy with it. She's gotten to video chat with uncles and aunts. Tonight she got to video chat with Avery, her very awesome cousin that lives in St. Louis Park, MN. They laughed and made faces at each for about 30 minutes. It was tons of fun. We're gonna try and "chat" with Avery's little brother tomorrow night. (Jake was already asleep tonight) Uncle Kevin gets here on Wednesday and we all are excited about that. Both Lindsay and Michael LOVE Uncle Kevin!! I gotta admit, he's a good distraction for me, too. He got me through the first part of all this craziness just by being here.

Lindsay and I have always loved to rock out together. You've never experienced air guitar until you join us for a jam session. Here's a picture to inspire the masses.

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PAPA_B said...

This pic just confirms who the sick one really is! Where are the white jackets???